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Memorable Wedding Invitation Cards Design at PAPEROSE.COM.MY

Wedding invitation cards has its own importance in the whole wedding. Actually, not just wedding card but the invitation is always known the most important part of any ceremony. If we read the history we will know that, in past the value of love and invitation is known by the cost and style of invitation card and how the invitation has been presented.

People in history use different types of material to make their invitation impressive, the royal families use to write their invitation message on gold and silver while few in 17th century the skin of animal, wood or even the leaf of were used as invitation card. According to the value of money, now making a card with gold is not possible. Now we can only use paper or maximum piece of cloth to write our invitation message and decorate the wedding cards with leases or leaser cuts etc.

Internet is full with so many wedding invitation card ideas; in fact there are thousands of great ideas to make your wedding card awesome. PAPEROSE.COM.MY is one of the popular website which is known for its wedding accessories which includes wedding favors & gifts, photo booth, wedding cards and all the related stationary. The wedding invitation card has its own section which is divided in five major categories while there are dozens of sub categories to select wedding card design. The website PAPEROSE.COM.MY has all types of wedding cards including tradition and modern with stylish touch of laces and laser cut.

What makes PAPEROSE.COM.MY best and why I am talking about the website? Check the points below:

  • Wide range of wedding cards

If you are looking for an online shop which offer all types of wedding invitation card options then the PAPEROSE is best. It has signature prints cards, foil – stamped and embossed, wedding cards with hard cover, laces and laser cut. Normally when you visit to wedding cards shop, they show you very limited designs and some of them are already used by your friends and family members for their wedding. But PAPEROSE.COM.MY has latest designs for cards and unique designs which people have never seen before.

  • Personalized wedding invitation cards

Nothing could be more interesting than having a personalized wedding invitation cards which has the picture of bride and groom or any other things you want to put in your card design. How about a memorable picture or a poem of your choice? You can order personalized wedding card through the website in very reasonable price and there is huge discount for bulk purchase too.

  • Different sizes available

Want to have a large sized wedding card to impress the guests or a small one to put easily in pocket? PAPEROSE.COM.MY can solve your problem because it has the wedding cards of in different choice. The custom sizes of cards are 89mm x 210mm, 96mm x 210mm and 140mm x 140mm but you can ask for a personalized sized as per your requirement.

  • Add excitement in your wedding cards

Who would like to go with simple and boring card anymore? It is true that the purpose of wedding invitation card is to invite but how about making the invitation card impressive so people know it for long time and prefer to keep in their draw due to its design and style? PAPEROSE.COM.MY does not just has option to personalized your wedding card but they can add excitement in your card by adding features like stamp on card by bride and groom name, decorate your wedding cards with laces or design the hard cover of card with laser cut. There are many options available at PAPEROSE.COM.MY to makes your wedding card interesting and take it to whole new level.