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We have tons of 5 start ratings across the web on Facebook, Google+ and many more. We provide a great product with outstanding service – What’s not to love?


Onsite Technicians

Our technicians are professional, educated, experienced and charming to ensure our service is completed to perfection. Our attendants know photo booths and we understand your guest well. We educate them to take a good shoot.


Open Concept Photo Booth

Our photo booth design is open concept that allows us to accommodate larger groups of people. The open concept allows all of the guests to watch and participate in the fun. We don’t like to hide the fun behind the curtain


Amazing Props

How much fun is a photo booth with great props? We challenge you to outfit yourself with as many of our props as you can.


Quality Photos + Equipment

Our photo booths are equipped with the latest DSLR camera and printing technology. Each photo is captured in high resolution and printed using only professional grade printers.


Download Your Pictures

After your event, visit our Facebook page to view, download and share your picture for free.


Need Memorable Photo Booth Rental?

Why photo booth is essential in the event? Pictures speak a thousand words or maybe more. They are memories frozen in time, memories which are cherished by all. Now photographers might come in handy but who doesn’t want an easier way to everything. I know you do. Wedding pictures remind us of the time of our lives. Some candid frames are just the perfect start to an amazing night. Is there someone in Malaysia either Penang or Kuala lumpur who doesn’t want to look good in a photo? Is there? Seriously am I even asking this? Well there is everyone who is haunted by the click of the man behind the camera. Photographers know just the way how to take a perfect shot, lively, in the moment and natural. But they take every measure and position to succeed in getting that. Almost all the time it bothers Malaysians. I know it must bother you. Moreover you don’t get to see the better picture until its edited and framed. Well problems are aplenty but solutions? They are aplenty too!

The photo booth come in different shapes and sizes and some of the extra-special add-ons are – Printing station, Premium backdrop, paper flower backdrop, slideshow, Red carpet, Premium backgrounds and many more. The two picture sizes usually are 2×4” and 4×6”. Feeling the need to share your pictures instantly?

Well, feel no more because we also provide a share online option and also GIF Booth. No waiting for those pleasing comments cause you can show them now.A dare to you all, beat our prices anywhere else and we’ll give you discounts. Now it is your time to fit in the photo booth and take the most beautiful pictures ever. No trouble included of course. It is your picture the way you picture it. This time you are all the photographers.

Reasons to Get a Photo Booth

Photo booth are becoming famous in weddings, birthdays party and company events because its bring more fun, entertainment and it is a great way to make memories by taking numerous photos.They are in demand and people love to have photo booth in wedding ceremonies, birthday party and company event to provide extra activity to their guests.

Following are the main reasons to get a photo booth.

Photo booth are all about entertainment in boring wedding: Wedding ceremonies are not fun and entertainment for all guests until you are very close to the bride and groom and you have work to do along with their families. Usually if you are a guest who does not have much known people in the wedding hall.Then you can go in the photo both and get entertainment by taking your pictures of different style. Also, Photo booth wedding Malaysia is totally fun if there are friends there in wedding. You can take funny and some memorable pictures there to remember the wedding day of your friend.

Photo booth wedding Malaysia is suitable for all ages:

While there are some activities in wedding ceremonies which are limited to the specific group of age like dancing, drinking and playing games, but this does not happened in case of photo booth. Its suitable for everyone from grandparents to grand children, everyone can go there and take their pictures.Specially, if you have not invited a photographer in wedding, then photo booth could be game changer to take your own photos in different styles, which is more fun than making poses for professional photographer.